New Horizon Basketball provide individual, group and team training sessions for players of all ages and skill level to help reach their basketball goals through our customized basketball training system.

Our skill development and training program is strategically designed and tailored to strengthen our student’s abilities and raise their performance to a higher level.

We follow a program structure based on progressive development utilizing exercises and drills that are beneficial to all players. Players who go through our program will get better, they will be challenged, they will learn how to play the game and grow as a person.

 Athletes will improve their:

•  Decision Making
•  Dribbling
•  Shooting Mechanics
•  Passing
•  Movement with and with-out ball
•  Hand-Eye Coordination
•  Game Situations
•  Confidence and Mental Toughness
•  Offensive/Defensive Concepts

 Training Techniques:

•  Ladder Drills
•  Weight Training
•  Explosiveness
•  Hurdles
•  Improve Jumping ability
•  Plyometric Training
•  Strength training
•  Coordination
•  Speed and Agility Training